Juices for a healthy life

There are some old sayings, “An apple a day will keep doctor away” and “you need to drink your orange juice to start your day and keep a cold away”. Almost everyone has listened to these saying, I sat down for a breakfast with an orange juice and an apple. Health should be our most important concern, as if we will not be healthy; we will not perform in our daily life.

Many people take their health for granted; they eat and drink these poisonous fast foods and drinks. We should be very concern for our health and must eat and drink healthy. Since now a day, fizzy drinks are very common; many people drink at least one bottle a day. That is very dangerous for your body, it weakens the bones and increases our weight. The reason we drink these fizzy drinks is that they taste good and feel refreshing but actually, they are slow poison for our body. I know juices are very important; they are tasty, delicious, refreshing and are filled with energy that is why you should drink fresh juices rather than these fizzy drinks.

Fresh juices are packed with minerals, nutrients and enzymes that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As we are unable to consume many nutrients because of our busy schedule as most of the time, we end up eating unhealthy junk food. Fresh juices will overcome the deficiency of these nutrients so that you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover cold press juicer will help you to reduce weight, that’s a dream for most of the people. In addition, there are so many other advantages of fresh juices; it cleanses our body, detoxifies it, maintains good body health and even provide us with glowing skin.

When it comes to fresh juice, the best option is to prepare one at home, believe me homemade are more delicious, beneficial and hygienic. You can make sure that there are no unhealthy chemicals or preservatives. Well, preparing fresh juice at home is very easy if you have the right appliance.

There are two ways to extract juice at home: from a cold press juicer or a centrifugal juicer.  Among these two juicers the best option is a cold press juicer because they will extract almost one hundred percent of juice from a fruit or vegetable as they uses two different techniques to extract juice.  First they shred the fruit or vegetable in small bits with the help of a spinning blade, but the speed of blade is not very high otherwise it will produce heat that will destroy enzymes in the fruit or vegetable. To learn more health benefits of cold pressed juicing and reviews, you can follow on https://www.coldpressjuicer.net/.

After shredding the pulp of fruit or vegetable, it applies a high pressure of those pulps with the help of a hydraulic press due to which almost all of the juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable. You can find the difference by just comparing the waste of a cold press juicer with a centrifugal juicer, cold press juicer waste is drier.  Moreover, do not through the waste; it can be used for composting.

That is why fresh juices are the only best option available when it comes to drinks.

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