Why CasinoBit Is Going To Revolutionize Online Gambling

PUBLISHED: April 3, 2018

CasinoBit is the first Bitcoin casino that pioneered the use of live feeds and features a live roulette. No registration is needed if you are interested to play and the site boasts of instant payouts. The use of live feeds brings an extra level of excitement that’s almost incomparable with other online casino games. It currently offers a live European roulette as its minigame.

What makes CasinoBit great

CasinoBit has a fairly easy game play that even beginners are able to deal and win. First, all you need to do is to select a bet from its web application. You can place your bet from numbers 0 to 36. When you click a specific number, a unique hash will be seen at the text field. A type would also be provided, be it straight, red/black, even/off and dozen. You can also see the possible payoff depending on the type. For instance, if you bet on one number, that is considered straight and your payoff would be 35:1. If you choose all the red colors, that is a red/black type and its payoff if 1:1. After deciding on your bet, you can send bitcoin to the address that appears. This is the unique hash that you see on the text field.  If you win, you instantly receive Bitcoin back to the address you sent from.

judi bola

Casinobit rewards its players greatly

Casinobit can be your source of instant rewards if this is the quality you are looking for in a casino game. Its user-friendly interface and live roulette makes it all the more enjoyable. The minimum bet is set to 0.01 BTC, so it is pretty cheap. Aside from that, you will also be able to look at some play history so you will be able to see winning bets and just how much was won. Its easy dynamics will  make you want to play more too. Judi Bola is just one of those addictive casino games that won’t let gamblers off the hook easily.

What makes Casinobit good

  • Easy to play.
  • Instant payout.
  • Cheap minimum bet as low as 0.001BTC.
  • Live video and results promoting fair play.
  • Secured game play and payouts.

What makes Casinobit bad

  • Small payout if you lose that is 0.00000001 multiplied by the result.
  • Payment may be sent to an address of the first transaction input so every player must guarantee that the Bitcoin address is theirs and working.
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